Wednesday, July 23, 2008


We are taking a vacation this weekend!!

I am so excited to get away with some good friends, in the mountains, by the lake, no worries and tons of fun! I am currently on a three week vacation, before I go back to a teaching job in Exeter.

Life is good, but busy, as I am cleaning a bit around the house, doing laundry on a daily basis, dishes and keeping up with Alabama and or newest addition to our family, Mississippi. She's a 4 month old puppy (most likely a boxer mix) who is adjusting to Ruiz family life, suffering from beatings given to her by her sister and cousin, Oscar, who lives next door, but rolls under the fence for the better part of the day. She's totally adorable, pictures will come later.

We have 2 more weeks until we are in full fledge football season and life, once again, becomes hectic!! So much fun though. The MOHawks looked good during passing league, finally coming into their own after grueling practices. I'm looking forward to a fun season!


Justina said...

I just discovered your blog! :)
Hope you're doing well...Talk to you soon!

Stacy said...

Its good to hear what you've been up to. Love you!