Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wedding Stress

Can I tell you how much FUN I am having, planning my wedding?!?!?!
I have many of the details nailed down and there is not too much left to do besides ordering a cake, flowers and the finishing touches...
The most difficult part right now is nailing down my guest list. When I sat down the very first time to write out my guest list, I had about 360 people on my own... Goodness did I have a reality check real quick... Then, when Rick added his list, we had over 500 people!! Needless to say, our list needed to be revised... again... and again... We are trying to keep our wedding around 300 people, but we are having the most difficult time. How in the world am I supposed to decide who gets cut and who makes the cut??
I finally came to the realization(with the help of my amazing fiance) that there are many people who have touched and influenced my life. There are people who have been there for me and given me advice to help shape the person I am today. But, as we continue to move on in this ever-changing world that we live in, I have to suck it up and decide. So I have to come to terms with the fact that I will probably hurt some people's feelings, but ther eis nothing else I can do...
On a lighter note.... I am getting married in less than 8 months!!! Yay!!
I have to decide on a cake and flowers. I know that I want calla lilies, but I am not sure about what else I want and how I want everything to be. So, I look forward to the next few months... making those decisions and hangin with family and friends as we make table decorations, invitations and favors... and put on the party of the year!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

We're Engaged!!

So, it's been a few weeks now, but I finally have pictures and I didn't want to post without pictures!!

We got engaged on Valentine's weekend. Rick woke me up at about 1:30 am and told me that he didn't want to live without me(aww...) and that he would spend each day, making sure that I knew I was loved each and every day. Then he told me that he was ready to fight over wedding budget with me. :o)
So we went and talked to my parents on Sunday, where he asked them if he and the kids could keep me on a permanent basis. My dad gave me my grandmother's wedding ring and it was "official"!!
So, we are getting married Saturday, December 26, 2009. I know, I know, people say I'm crazy, but you know, all my family can come into town for the holidays and then they will already be here when we get married!! I am super excited!!

We already have a caterer, a venue, a church, flowers, and dresses. All we need is a cake, a DJ, and a photographer. I love it!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays as much as we did. I am not ready to go back to school!! Here are a few pics from our Christmas with Rick's family...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Season

My second favorite time of the year!! :o)
Here are some pics from our Christmas photo shoot with Amy Jo!!

The pups were not very cooperative...
But the kids did great!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Picture Day

Yesterday was quite the day!! We piled into the car (Alabama and Mississippi included) and headed to Plaza Park, where the fabulous Amy Jo met us there to take Christmas pictures for our Christmas cards. As soon as we get out of the car, Mississippi starts to bark at this lady who is walking around selling cotton candy. I have to pull her back and tell her to shape up. By the way, she did get car sick... AGAIN!! Then we proceeded to take many family photos, in which NONE of them had both of the dogs looking at the camera at the same time. So, Christmas cards will more than likely have at least one profile of our pups. We took many amazing pictures! I was really happy with them.

So, when we were done, we were able to get our new Panasonic 42" Plasma. We loaded it up, stopped to pick up pizza, and headed home after a very productive day. We set up our new tv and I am not sure Rick will ever want to do anything else, other than sit in front of the tv, again. But, it is really nice and I love it!!

I am really excited to send out Christmas cards this year!! It should be a lot of fun!! Stay tuned, for I will post pictures of this outing of ours soon!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


So, I took Mississippi to get fixed this morning. I left the house around 6:30, went to get Starbucks, and was on my way. They open their doors at 7:15, so I wanted to be there early so that I could get in and out, and get to work on time. I got there around 6:45 and as soon as I pulled into the parking lot, she throws up! This dog has only been in the car 3 times in her life and she has thrown up every time. She gets herself all worked up. Only I would have a dog that gets car sick!!! Anyway, I get out and get in line, in back of this little Asian woman who is bringing her cat in. I talked to her for a while and when they finally opened the doors, we were the first two to be waited on. So after we drop off our animals, we cross paths in the parking lot. She asks me my name and I tell her. Then she asks what time I am coming to pick up Miss and I tell her around 2:00-2:30. Then she says (in the cutest Asian accent) "Amanda, would you like to have breakfast with me?" At that moment, I wished I didn't have a job. She was so cute!! I told her that I would love to, but I had to be at work. My grandma died when I was almost 7 and she was the cutest little Asian woman so my heart has a little soft spot for the woman I encountered today.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Exeter Monarchs

As funny as it may be, this Dinuba girl has come to cheer for the Blue and Gold. Ironically, the blue and gold boy she moved here for, does not.

Over the years, Rick has soured against rooting for his alma mater. Why? No one is quite sure. It has to do with different circumstances that have presented themselves over the years. Slowly but surely I am trying to bring him back. We went to our first Exeter football game last week (the first game that they were not playing Dinuba or Woodlake and Rick wasn't on the opposing sideline). It was fun, but some things still bug him. But as he tries to understand that I support the blue and gold wearing athletes, he is also beginning to realize that his son is not too far away from wearing those colors as well!! Thank God for Cameron... Who wouldn't root for the kid? He makes my life a little easier :o)