Monday, October 27, 2008

Exeter Monarchs

As funny as it may be, this Dinuba girl has come to cheer for the Blue and Gold. Ironically, the blue and gold boy she moved here for, does not.

Over the years, Rick has soured against rooting for his alma mater. Why? No one is quite sure. It has to do with different circumstances that have presented themselves over the years. Slowly but surely I am trying to bring him back. We went to our first Exeter football game last week (the first game that they were not playing Dinuba or Woodlake and Rick wasn't on the opposing sideline). It was fun, but some things still bug him. But as he tries to understand that I support the blue and gold wearing athletes, he is also beginning to realize that his son is not too far away from wearing those colors as well!! Thank God for Cameron... Who wouldn't root for the kid? He makes my life a little easier :o)

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