Thursday, March 5, 2009

We're Engaged!!

So, it's been a few weeks now, but I finally have pictures and I didn't want to post without pictures!!

We got engaged on Valentine's weekend. Rick woke me up at about 1:30 am and told me that he didn't want to live without me(aww...) and that he would spend each day, making sure that I knew I was loved each and every day. Then he told me that he was ready to fight over wedding budget with me. :o)
So we went and talked to my parents on Sunday, where he asked them if he and the kids could keep me on a permanent basis. My dad gave me my grandmother's wedding ring and it was "official"!!
So, we are getting married Saturday, December 26, 2009. I know, I know, people say I'm crazy, but you know, all my family can come into town for the holidays and then they will already be here when we get married!! I am super excited!!

We already have a caterer, a venue, a church, flowers, and dresses. All we need is a cake, a DJ, and a photographer. I love it!!


Anonymous said...

Aw, congratulations and best of wishes!!! Good work on the planning, my goodness you're fast!

Also good work on remembering what he said. Jay isn't very happy with me. He spent so much time figuring out what he was going to say to have me forget it as soon as I said yes....=)

I'm so happy for you, you look beautiful and are going to be gorgeous, can't wait to see pictures!

Justina said...

I was just coming to your blog to give you a hard time about not posting! ;)And here's a new exciting post!

Congratulations, again! So excited for you!!!

Your ring is GORGEOUS!! And so are you. Miss you & love you.

The Jay said...

Wow, Amanda, congratulations!And you're getting everything lined up for the ceremony/reception-- very cool!

All the best to you and your fiance!