Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Beginning

Well, here goes nothing!!! It seems as if this is the new thing to do... BLOG!!! As I begin 2008, I have reflected on life and where it has placed me. I find myself in a place in which I am content and makes me happy each and every day. Here is a little catch up on me...
At the beginning of the year I was living in an apartment with Angelica, substitute teaching and coaching swimming at Dinuba High AND dating Rick for the second time around.
As we enter 2008, I am living in Exeter with Rick and his kids, working at CIGNA, and for the first time in 13 years, I am not coaching...
But I do support WOODLAKE FOOTBALL!!!!
Life changing year? I do believe so...
I decided that I do not want to teach anymore. I am planning to go back to school and get my counseling credential so that I can go into high school counseling. For the time being, I am working as a Customer Service Rep for CIGNA International. I love the people I work with for the most part. Is it a life-long job for me? Definitely not. But fine for now... I am not coaching... A decision that was pretty difficult, but one that I was content with... It's a little wierd... I didn't miss water polo too much, just the kids... Once swim season is on its way, I'm sure it will tug at the heart strings a little more...
I moved in with Rick and the kiddos in a three bedroom house in Exeter. We added Alabama to our family. She's the adorable Husky in my pics. Rick is the head coach at Woodlake so I get to wear my favorite color (orange) and cheer on those boys that I have grown to love! In the off season, we are catching basketball and soccer games, cheering them on in their "other" sports. So I am staying involved in atheltics, something that will no doubt, never lack.
Ricky and Marina started basketball, so we will stay busy.
Life is good! I'm completely content right now at this point in my life. Life is fun... The way it should be... And I have no regrets. I'm living life the same as I always have... Spontaneously and by the heart. So now we end 2007.
The goals for 2008?
Start working out.
Go back to school.
Keep in better touch with a few people.
Perfect spanish rice.
Win the Lotto (hey, a girl can dream, can't she?)

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh this is amazing I can't believe I found you on this! It sounds like your life is great great great! I'll check in on here from time to time and even put you on my links.

Really it sounds like you are so happy, I'm so glad. You deserve it all very much you are a great person!

Love you!